About me

Movies, gadgets and travels… that’s pretty much where my happiness lies. Read on, if yours does too!

To say that I am a movie buff would be underselling it. I watch almost one movie a day and often revisit old ones that I have loved. (My friends and I do an LOTR marathon at least once a year). I enjoy superhero bashes and disaster movies as much as I enjoy courtroom dramas and physical comedies.

I am exhausted by the minutely analytical, overtly pretentious and annoyingly biased movie reviews out there. Reading them almost instigates me to write my own.

About me 4

My other big passion is technology. I retain my sense of wonder in technological innovations, no matter how routine they’ve become now. I never ask myself why I need a new gadget. I ask myself how it can enhance my life.

That’s why I am always an early adopter and want to share my experiences with you.

If I observe something generally intriguing in life or get bitten by a monkey again, I want to share it with you as well.

Because what’s life, if not watching an awesome movie on a brand new gadget in a beautiful location sharing amazing stories with my friends!!

MGinative is my creative outlet where I share all stories about movies, technology, travel or just life in general. It can be yours too!

If you want to share your stories, just email them to me. I’ll be happy to publish it here. After all, I can’t buy every gadget, watch every movie or travel to every awesome location on my own. None of us can. But we can still experience them through each other’s stories.