Huawei Watch Review


The Huawei Watch can be bought for a price ranging from $349 to $799, depending on which color and band you chose. The watch used in this review (black dial with a black metal band) is $449.

Some sellers online are offering good discounts on the watch so make sure you do some research in your country before you click the “buy” button.

However, this price range makes it one of the most expensive Android Wear watches available in the market, only behind the Tag Heuer ($1500).

Competing watches from Motorola and LG come very close to the build and display quality, while being significantly cheaper.


There is an accepted logic one can apply to buying cell phones. You look at screen size, specs, build material and OS to pick which phone you will buy and how much you are willing to pay for it.

However, buying a watch is a deeply personal decision and it can’t be made with analytical arguments alone. A lot of it boils down to how it feels on your wrist and if you can afford it. So it’s hard to recommend a watch to someone, based on just specs. You really need to try it on to see if it “feels” right.


If you’ve stayed away from smartwatches so far, you should still keep your distance. This gadget category as a whole (no fault of the Huawei Watch) hasn’t evolved to the point of becoming a genuine value-add to you life.

If you are are a sportsperson, don’t get fooled by the Google Fit advertisements and the sensors on this watch. There are sports watches by Garmin, Casio and Timex that are much better sports companions. Their e-ink displays also give them a much longer battery life.

The Huawei watch is the perfect device for a technology enthusiast, someone who can be termed “the early adopter”. It is a master at handling the flood of notifications that everyone battles these days and gives you serious bragging rights in your own geek squad.


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