Huawei Watch Review

When you hold the Huawei Watch in your hand for the first time, you immediately witness the hard-work Huawei is putting in trying to break away from the “cheap and affordable brand” tag.

Everything from the build quality to the screen of the watch screams”premium”. It immediately tries to hypnotize you into buying a gadget that you probably want more than you really need.

Smartphone brands usually develop their own flavor of Android to differentiate themselves from competition. Sometimes these differences are only skin deep (Motorola, LG) with phones running an almost-stock version of the Android, while others choose a heavily customized operating system (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei). So choosing a smartphone is not just a decision of which hardware you like better – it’s also about which skin of Android you prefer.

20160811_161947Android smartwatches however, spare us of such complexities. Google doesn’t allow watchmakers to modify the user interface. This is Google’s effort to unify the platform and give customers a “cohesive” look and feel across all Google products and services.

So the decision of choosing a brand of Android watch mostly boils down to three things. Let’s measure the Huawei watch on these criteria and see how it stacks up.


  1. Hardware specs and design
  2. Battery life and daily usability
  3. Price

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