What Would Happen To Earth If Humans Disappeared

Such a powerful video.


The following 4-minute video, created by YouTube channel Mind Warehouse and put together using footage from National Geographic, illustrates in tremendous detail what would happen if human beings were to disappear from Earth, from lights around the world shutting off after a few hours to the only evidence of our existence after 10,000 years being that of things we have made with stone (e.g. the Great Wall of China, the pyramids in Egypt, Mount Rushmore, etc.).

The video chronicles, in speculative, albeit believable, fashion, such doomsday events as the flooding of underground train stations after several days; the evaporation of cooling water in nuclear power stations after 10 days, resulting in a series of nuclear disasters throughout the world; the falling of satellites from orbit after a year; vegetation covering the world, with some big cities being buried in sand, within 25 years; and corrosion causing metal bridges, buildings and towers to disintegrate…

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