3 Months of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Is it the right phone for you?

No matter how big an Android fan you are, you must secretly admit that iPhones have historically aged better than Android phones. The shocking battery life deterioration of the iPhone aside, a 6 month or even a one year old iPhone has usually performed closer to its day 1 performance than any Android phone.

So even if you didn’t have a strong platform preference between iOS and Android…and were willing to spend top dollar for a phone; the iPhone was the default choice over any Android flagship.

However, Android has shown tremendous leaps in this area, especially since the launch of Android Marshmallow and the Galaxy S7 Edge is at the forefront of this charge.


In three months, I’ve taken thousands (not an exaggeration) of pictures, downloaded and played processor hungry games, used my battery draining corporate email set up, browsed social networks, watched videos and yet…the S7 Edge hasn’t flinched.

The battery life has remained steadfast, camera launch times and picture quality consistent and the overall performance…as snappy as new.

If your reason for choosing an Android phone is to buy a budget phone, the S7 edge isn’t for you. It is almost as expensive (if not more) than the iPhone. Huawei P9 and One Plus 3 provide you with good alternatives, assuming they are retailed in your country. They might not have the same support system or array of accessories but they are significantly cheaper so you’ll probably forgive the occasional performance blip and reasonable (not extraordinary) cameras.


If you are genuinely platform agnostic, the S7 edge gives you a solid option against the aging iPhone that matches the iPhone on many criteria and beats it on others (camera, battery life and a waterproof body). In direct comparison with the iPhone, the S7 edge stands the tallest amongst all its Android flagship buddies.

If you are dead against iOS anyway and will only buy an Android flagship, you are likely to pick a phone that has a feature you desire the most. Perhaps you prefer the modular nature of the LG G5 over the waterproof body or curved screen of the S7 edge. Even the camera is almost as good as the S7 edge, almost!



If you do chose to buy the S7 edge, my experience of 3 months tells me you’ll have very little to regret.

I hope this helps you make a choice. If you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.


3 thoughts on “3 Months of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    1. Thanks buddy! You were the one who gave me the idea to write it so I am glad you liked it. I tried restricting this post to limited aspects of the phone that are different to its competitors. But if you have any other specific questions about the phone before you buy it, let me know, I’ll be happy to help. Cheers!


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