3 Months of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

3) Samsung pay

It is still early days but if Samsung markets Samsung Pay well and releases it in more countries, this could turn into the most compelling reason why some people might consider Samsung phones over other options.

I’ve written about Samsung pay in detail and I can already confirm that if it has launched in your country of residence, this might really tip the scale in S7 edge’s favour.

4) Fast charging and battery life

Before I bought the S7 edge, I was in the habit of charging my phone over night so I didn’t have to worry about plugging it in during the day.

The S7 edge goes from 0 to 100 percent charge in less than 2 hours but the charging curve is not linear. If your battery is running low, a fast charger can get you about 50% of your battery life in 30 minutes!

What this means is that you don’t really wait to charge the phone 100%. If you plug the phone to a charger for 15 to 20 minutes, just a couple of times a day, you can go through your life without ever needing to plug the phone to wall socket for hours, waiting for it charge.

The S7 edge also supports fast wireless charging. So if you have two wireless chargers; one on your office desk and another at home, you don’t need to deliberately charge your phone at all. Just put it back on the wireless charger when you are not using it.

Samsung also increased the phone’s battery size by almost 1,000 mA from the previous year model. Add Android Marshmallow’s superior battery management capabilities to this mix and you hold an impressively long lasting phone in your hand.


The S7 edge has the potential of bringing a behavioural change in the way you need to charge your phone.

It is almost criminal that these features aren’t standard on all phones in the industry. I think the day isn’t far off when they will be. But until then, the S7 gets to show off.

5) Build quality

Is it the right phone for you?


3 thoughts on “3 Months of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    1. Thanks buddy! You were the one who gave me the idea to write it so I am glad you liked it. I tried restricting this post to limited aspects of the phone that are different to its competitors. But if you have any other specific questions about the phone before you buy it, let me know, I’ll be happy to help. Cheers!


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