3 Months of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

2) Display

The insanely high pixel density of 534 ppi and the usually brilliant Samsung AMOLED displays make for a very vibrant screen. A lot of the other contemporary phones almost look washed out in comparison.


The purists will tell you that Samsung over-saturates it’s screen settings so it doesn’t look “real”. But the average user doesn’t care. Every time you pick your phone to look at pictures, videos or even written content; everything just feels vibrant. This is especially evident when you look at the same picture on a different screen.

But the real differentiator here is the curved screen of the S7 edge. It adds to the viewing experience in a way I hadn’t quite expected. It almost gives the screen a 3D like quality. The content on the screen feels like it is popping out at you.

Although, the side swiping menus exclusive to the S7 edge aren’t necessarily groundbreaking. They can be quite nifty and I conditioned myself into using them for certain actions. But these menus don’t need to be only on the edge variant. These would work just as well if you installed them on the normal screen phone.

In fact, there are good alternatives available for this on the PlayStore.

Over all, the S7 edge has one of the best screens and viewing experience in smartphones today, with the curves also adding to the handling experience.

3) Samsung pay

4) Fast charging and battery life

5) Build quality

Is it the right phone for you?


3 thoughts on “3 Months of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    1. Thanks buddy! You were the one who gave me the idea to write it so I am glad you liked it. I tried restricting this post to limited aspects of the phone that are different to its competitors. But if you have any other specific questions about the phone before you buy it, let me know, I’ll be happy to help. Cheers!


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