5 Most important questions about Samsung pay

5. Can I now leave my wallet at home?

The following things need to happen before Samsung Pay becomes really useful and prevalent, even in countries where it has already launched:

  1. Support for different banks and cards needs to increase quickly. Currently this list is too limited to be considered seriously by a normal user.
  2. Samsung needs to run training or marketing programs for the store outlets so the clerks know how to use it as well. If customers are discouraged from using it by the retail outlets, most won’t bother to try again.
  3. Support for travel cards, membership and loyalty cards and all the other plastic in your wallet has to be introduced quickly. The good thing is that this is in the vision of Samsung as well.

The crux of it is that if your mobile wallet isn’t good enough to let you leave the house without any of your physical cards, it is reduced to an occasional gimmick.

As of this moment, no mobile wallet is that comprehensive. So is there hope in the near future?

Samsung has the technology piece in place, especially with their ability to function on (almost) all existing credit card machines.

If their aggressive marketing campaigns can drive the early adoption rate in the market, Samsung Pay has the potential to snowball into the first genuine digital wallet capable of making plastic cards and heavy wallets, extinct.

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Do share your thoughts on your experience of using a digital wallet, Samsung or otherwise. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them as well.


2 thoughts on “5 Most important questions about Samsung pay

    1. It isn’t your age any more Carl. Ever 5 years seems like a new generation now! How we engage technology in our lives is changing so rapidly, I live in a sense of wonder, just digesting these changes. But I do enjoy it! 🙂


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