5 Most important questions about Samsung pay

4. Does it really work?

There is definitely a learning curve to using Samsung Pay. Not just for you, the customer, but more importantly the store clerks behind the payment counter.

When making a payment, you need to make sure the phone is aligned with the credit card slot on the machine (usually to the left). This being done properly, the transaction goes through within a couple of seconds.

Where to tap
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This exercise is a lot easier with the wireless credit card machines that the waiters carry around with them.

But if you happen to encounter a store clerk with a wired machine behind the counter, get ready for an interesting experience. The store woman won’t be amused if you just reach your hand over the counter and try to get frisky with her credit card machine.

If you hand your phone to her, she will point the phone in the general direction of the machine and when it doesn’t work, look at you disapprovingly, while you try to explain with words and gestures, what she is doing wrong.

In the early adoption days, there will also be a lot of stores that will tell you they don’t support this functionality and discourage you from trying. They probably think you are trying to use a NFC chip payment system on normal a credit card machine.

But when it works, you will leave them looking impressed, confused and worried, all at the same time.

These are all expected social challenges associated with new product launches.

I am happy to report that the technology applied by Samsung, in itself, works flawlessly.

I’ve personally tried testing Samsung Pay in cabs, cinemas, restaurants, megastores and smaller outlets. It has worked every single time!

5. Can I now leave my wallet at home?


2 thoughts on “5 Most important questions about Samsung pay

    1. It isn’t your age any more Carl. Ever 5 years seems like a new generation now! How we engage technology in our lives is changing so rapidly, I live in a sense of wonder, just digesting these changes. But I do enjoy it! 🙂


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