5 Most important questions about Samsung pay

2. How do I set up Samsung Pay?

Setting up Samsung Pay is extremely easy. All it takes is the following steps

Samsung Pay icon
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  1. You need to make sure your phone is in the approved list (Note 5, S6 edge+, S7 and the S7 edge) and is updated to using Android Marshmallow.
  2. The updated software should give you the Samsung Pay app icon in your list. Tapping on it will install the latest app version (only after the official launch in your country) and take you through the tutorial to set it up.
  3. You need to sign in with a Samsung account. If you haven’t done that yet, you’ll have to create one now.
  4. You will also need to register a fingerprint now if it isn’t already done. If you choose, you can keep a 4 digit pin instead.
  5. Next, you can register all your card details. You don’t need to painstakingly enter every digit and detail of your credit card into the app. You are given the option of using the device camera to capture card details if you prefer and I found it to be plenty accurate (At this point, you also discover if this card is currently supported by Samsung Pay or not)
  6. You will then get a sms token to confirm that the credit card is indeed yours.
  7. Once the token has been accepted, you are prompted to capture your signature with your finger (or your stylus if you use a Note) and the set up is complete.
  8. When you want to make a payment, you just swipe up from the home button, even when the screen is off and the Samsung Pay app appears.
  9. You select the card you want to use to make the payment and authenticate it with your fingerprint, or pin code.
  10. Some machines may ask you to enter the CVV or the last 4 digits of your credit card. Others might approve it as is.
  11. Hold the phone close to the credit card magnetic slot and the transaction should be approved in a couple of seconds.
  12. You sign the receipt and you are done!

3. Is Samsung Pay better than Apple Pay?

4. Does it really work?

5. Can I now leave my wallet at home?


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    1. It isn’t your age any more Carl. Ever 5 years seems like a new generation now! How we engage technology in our lives is changing so rapidly, I live in a sense of wonder, just digesting these changes. But I do enjoy it! 🙂


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