Point Break 2015 – Review

The original Point Break, released in 1991, was a fun movie for it’s time. The hippie culture of the 80s was coming to an end but the idea of a bunch of social outcasts challenging the legal limits in pursuits of Nirvana still struck some sort of a chord with the audiences.  You couldn’t approve of Bodhi’s gang and his ways, but you still found yourself cheering for them.

It would eventually turn Keanu Reeves into the superstar he is today but at that time, the movie’s bankable star was Patrick Swayze.

A story of hippies chasing Nirvana was already aging in 1991. In the remake in 2015, it feels completely irrelevant and out of date. The director tries hard to adapt the story to current times by making subtle changes but it fails to have the desired results.

Director Ericson Core picked a really good looking cast in Luke Bracey as Detective Utah, Édgar Ramírez as Bodhi and Teresa Palmer as the Samsara. I just wish he had screen tested them for talent as well. The dialogues in the movie are so cliched, you can practically see the actors wince when they enact them.

But let’s face it, Point Break was never about Academy Award worthy acting skills or script. It was about extreme sport stunts, phenomenal cinematography and the unlikely camaraderie between the cop and the thief. The new movies more than delivers in most of these areas.

Every single stunt is beautiful to watch on screen, whether its the under water swim of Utah and Samsara in the ocean at night or the free mountain climb next to Venezuela’s Angel Water falls. Watching it on DVD or netflix just won’t be the same.Luke Bracey is a star in the making, no doubt. But I don’t know if Point Break will propel him into the top league, the way it did Keanu Reeves.

Overall, I’d recommend watching this movie purely for its stunts. There isn’t much else to appreciate, but thankfully, the director doesn’t keep you waiting for long, going from one beautiful sequence to another.

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