What Would Happen To Earth If Humans Disappeared

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0IrZHs6Uac The following 4-minute video, created by YouTube channel Mind Warehouse and put together using footage from National Geographic, illustrates in tremendous detail what would happen if human beings were to disappear from Earth, from lights around the… Continue reading What Would Happen To Earth If Humans Disappeared

1000 Year old Uluwatu Temple

If you fancy yourself a photographer and are planning a vacation in Bali, you should have the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple on your itinerary. It sits 250 feet atop a cliff, looking out at the vastness and beauty of the Indian Ocean. Like most other locations in Bali, it is a photographer’s delight. Continue reading 1000 Year old Uluwatu Temple

Independence Day: Resurgence – Double the destruction, half the charm.

In Independence Day Resurgence, there is a scene where Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth are escaping a shower of falling buildings, planes and ships (don’t ask) in a plane where Jeff Goldblum announces nervously “Err… they like to get the landmarks”, seconds before we see the London Bridge destroyed like a poorly made sand castle.

In that scene, I suspect he wasn’t talking about the aliens out to destroy the world. He was talking about the film makers, especially director Roland Emmerich who obliterated the Empire State Building in ‘Independence Day‘, destroyed the Brooklyn bridge and half of Manhattan in ‘Godzilla‘, flooded and froze the Statue of Liberty in ‘Day After Tomorrow‘ and sank pretty much everything else in ‘2012‘.  Continue reading “Independence Day: Resurgence – Double the destruction, half the charm.”

Why India shouldn’t miss ‘Udta Punjab’

Abhishek Chaubey learnt the ropes of film-making from stalwarts like Anurag Kashyap and Vishal Bhardwaj.

He helped create memorable characters in some very successful Indie films (Omkara, IshqiyaKaminey, Maqbool) of recent years. These characters were from small towns, had a shifting moral compass and still seemed real and relatable.

That same pedigree is again on display in Udta Punjab where he tells the story of a state in the clutches of drug addiction, from the vantage point of four well written characters. Continue reading “Why India shouldn’t miss ‘Udta Punjab’”

The cursed sunset of Bali

Sometimes a single moment of bliss can elevate your entire vacation from being an average trip to an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. As I sat in an open-air, sea-facing restaurant sipping a chilled mug of Bintang beer – the Indian Ocean breeze warm on my face and the sun dipping into the western coast of Bali at Tanah Lot – I realized I was living such a moment. 
Continue reading “The cursed sunset of Bali”

Urbanears Hellas – Review

I have secretly snickered at people in the gym that walk around with big headphones. It’s hard to take a man seriously when he is wearing big red headphones with the glistening “Beats” logo, even when he is pumping iron. All this was before I made the walk of shame to the store and bought myself a pair of the orange Urbanears Hellas Continue reading “Urbanears Hellas – Review”

To be or not to be… that will always be the question.

When I was a kid in school, the most pertinent question facing me was who I wanted to be when I grew up. I changed my mind every couple of months. I swayed between being a cop, an army officer, a cricketer, a film director, an entrepreneur,  a musician, a painter, a writer…at one point, I even wanted to be a gangster. Continue reading “To be or not to be… that will always be the question.”

Point Break 2015 – Review

The original Point Break, released in 1991, was a fun movie for it’s time. The hippie culture of the 80s was coming to an end but the idea of a bunch of social outcasts challenging the legal limits in pursuits of Nirvana still struck some sort of a chord with the audiences.  You couldn’t approve of Bodhi’s gang and his ways, but you still found yourself cheering for them. Continue reading “Point Break 2015 – Review”

The war of Gods

The disputed land in Ayodhya is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Ram almost unanimously by all ancient Hindu Texts.

However, in the mid 1500 hundreds, Babur had constructed a mosque there, allegedly destroying the Ram Mandir in doing so. These were not democratic days. Babur was king and he did whatever caught his fancy. He had just conquered this new rich land and wanted to convert people to Islam. So, constructing a mosque in place of one of the most holy places for the Hindus was only, well, logical from his perspective. Continue reading “The war of Gods”

The colors of power

For a few moments, consider this. You are living in 1050 BC. You rule an empire that stretches over 500 km and harbor hopes of expanding your kingdom to new unknown lands, some ruled by petty tribes, others ruled by major dynasties. To successfully do this, you obviously need to be a great warrior yourself,  but you also need a huge army to follow you, that shakes the lands when it marches forward. Continue reading “The colors of power”